Karina, Front-end developer

She completed her bachelor degree in Industrial Engineering. Her first programming course In her college, excites her so much that she decided to learn programming. Then gradually she entered into the programming world and guess what? the part of the world excites her most is web development. She started to learn how to develop a website? What should she have to learn for building a website? How a web application works? And slowly she started to made websites as a side projects for her own pleasure. She realized that enjoyed the front-end side a lot. She loves to play with the design and the functionality of a website. Learning JavaScript was a little bit hard for her but she adapted it very firmly then she learned the frameworks of javascript and CSS. She just love react, bootstrap and Material design as these things opens up more scope to play with.

Karina as a Speaker

Karina is an enthusiastic speaker. She loves to share her knowledge with others. She speaks at local Meetups and Tech conferences. Some of them are-

She also a Dancer

Karina is a very good at her dancing skills. She trained for 10 years and practicing it from when she was only a 5-year little girl. She knows different types of Indian classical dance such as Kathak, Bharatnatyam, Odissi, Manipuri, Kathakali. She also loves freestyle dance. She had performed many T.V shows and stage shows in Bangladesh and US. She also teaches her students.

She loves to Cook

Karina is a home chef. she just loves to cook and eat the different type of cuisine. Mostly she loves the Thai, Chinese, Japanese and Vietnamese food. She also love to cook Indian food.

She also love to help other